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Pre-order > Soleil Shawlette Lace knitting pattern

I’m releasing my Soleil Shawlette knitting pattern to the general knitting public this week!  But you’re special – as a mailing list member, you can pre-order Soleil for $5.5o, a more than 30% discount from the $8.00 price.

This discount price will be valid through this Thursday, 7/14, midnight PST. And as soon as I finish setting up Soleil on Ravelry for purchase, I’ll send you the link to download the pattern (you won’t pay twice – the download link won’t require payment at all).

To take advantage of the discount, click the  Paypal “buy now” button (below).

I’m not sharing this discount with anyone outside of the mailing list – this is exclusive to you as a list member!

If you have any difficulties with Paypal, please let me know.

And thank you!!!