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Jimmy Beans 12 Days of Yarn-Mas

six geese a layin colourway for jimmy beans wool hand dyed by phydeaux

One day in October, I found an email from Leanne at Jimmy Beans Wool in my inbox.

I was pretty excited, as a HUGE Jimmy Beans fan (have you been to their warehouse in Reno?  WOW).

And even more excited to read my invitation to participate in their upcoming 12 days of yarn-mas:  an exclusive colourway a day from a yarn dyer they don’t currently carry.

Of course, I said “yes,” as fast as my fingers would type.

six geese jbw soie 2

My day was “six geese a layin.”

Oh good, I thought, I can come up with a goose-inspired colourway super quick.

Famous last words …

Come to find out, geese are kinda … white and black and grey and maybe amber/orange if they have that color of bill or feet!

six geese jbw soie 4

I dyed a LOT of new colourways, thinking about different angles:  my beloved Northern California geese (love hearing them honk overhead!), the goose who laid the golden egg, Mother Goose.

Then it hit me:  goose feathers.  Those gorgeous geese who visit the lake just down our hill are covered in iridescent, amazingly beautiful feathers.

Greys in all hues:  deepest charcoal to palest mist, with tiny subtle flecks of color.

In fact, six feather-lined nests in a row, for those six geese a layin’, lovingly blanketed in goose down and feathers, to protect those precious eggs.

And Six Geese a Layin was born.

Watch Jimmy Beans carolers sing The 12 Days of Yarn-mas (up to day six!) here.

And order your own skein of Six Geese a Layin’ right here (quick, before they sell out!)!

I’ll share some great complementary colourways later today!


Brand new Phydeaux base yarns: Coussin

miss havisham coussin hand dyed yarn phydeaux designs

I have been searching for a great super bulky yarn even before I started dyeing yarn.

And I finally found it:  Coussin.

Soft, fat, pillow, cushiony, all around delicious, Coussin is a single ply 100% merino wool (NOT superwash), perfect for chunky accessories and sweaters.

So pretty in delicate and subtle colourways (like Miss Havisham, shown above), and – wow – Coussin also really loves vivid, bold, rich colors (like Highgarden, just below).

hand dyed super bulky yarn coussin in highgarden from phydeaux designs

Even better, Coussin is perfect for all of Phydeaux’s super bulky accessory knitting patterns, like Granite, shown below in Winterfell.

I am so happy to now have a single ply merino wool super bulky yarn for you!  You can order Coussin in any of Phydeaux’s colourways by clicking here.

Don’t forget to read up on super bulky yarn, and then let me know in the comments what else you’d love to know about working with Coussin!

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Brand new Phydeaux base yarns: Down DK

persephone down dk hand dyed yarn phydeaux designs and fiber

It’s a bit of a challenge to create a major change in your line up of base yarns.

But that’s just what I’ve been working on for the last few months.

I’ve been testing various base yarns via limited edition pre-orders, limited edition yarns in kits, and just for myself, never released (because they just didn’t work out right).

Down DK is a yarn that I introduced much earlier this year as a limited edition pre-order:  a super soft MCN that I immediately fell in love with.

Down has that subtle (10%) cashmere halo that you are most likely familiar with.  Along with a touch of smooth silkiness from 10% nylon.  With 80% superwash merino wool, and four firmly twisted plies, this DK is very similar to Phydeaux’s super popular Beurre DK, but so much softer with a touch of fluff.  Kinda like a down comforter.

I really love Down for shawls:  wrapping a swathe of hand knit Down around your neck and shoulders is a treat that you deserve!  When (if?) I have the free time, I look forward to knitting a sweater in Down.

suisse shawl knitting pattern by phydeaux designs

Down DK is perfect for two Phydeaux patterns:  Texelle and Suisse.  Texelle has been very popular, being a two skein DK weight shawl with bands of texture.  GREAT for Down DK.  Suisse is very new (I’ll share more about that in another post!) and was designed specifically for Down DK (shown above in the Shell colourway).  This is a super fun knit that is just so pretty in Down.

You can order Down DK in any of Phydeaux’s current colourways right here. Go take a look and then come back to share which color and pattern you’d most like to use with Down!


Brand new Phydeaux base yarns: Angelique

melisandre angelique phydeaux hand dyed yarn

I’ve spent the last few months in search of new base yarns to replace Phydeaux’s super popular Caresse line.

(I know, I’m heartbroken too, but after waiting weeks and weeks, turned into months and months for my orders for this yarn, I think it’s past time to move on…)

But!  Just wait until you see the amazingly luscious yarns that I’ve chosen for Phydeaux. You will die.  In a good way.

I’ll tell you a bit about each new yarn over the next week or two and we’ll start with the very best first.

The very most luscious new yarn is just above, in the deep red Melisandre colourway:  Angelique.

Oo la la, Angelique!  This is the most luxurious yarn I’ve had the pleasure to dye.  I know I say this a lot, always looking for even more luxurious yarns, but good golly, Angelique is amazing.

70% baby alpaca, 20% cashmere and 10% silk.  In a three-ply fingering weight, 435 yards in a 100 gram skein? Soft, silky, sumptuous.

Angelique will knit up into gorgeous sweaters, as well as really lovely shawls, scarves and other accessories.  I wouldn’t recommend this for socks – not the best for the abuse that feet put socks through (but maybe that’s just me?).  But … what about a lace thigh high stocking for a super special occasion (like a wedding)?  Wow.

Angelique is available for pre-order at Phydeaux Designs & Fiber in any of Phydeaux’s base colors.  I do have plans for some kits in the near future.

Go see Angelique right here, and then tell me in the comments what you would most like to knit up using this truly amazing yarn!

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