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pumpkin spice soie I love knitting, particularly with soft and silky wool and silk blends hand dyed in rich and lush color.

You too?

You may have run into the same problem that I used to run into:  finding truly variegated yarn in which the colors neither stripe nor pool.  I am one of those knitters who really can’t stand knitting with colors that pool!  I want to be surprised each and every row by the lack of color pattern.  I want to be delighted with surprise pops and flecks of unexpected color.

And that’s what I strive to achieve with Phydeaux colourways.

I really really love color.  Dyeing yarn is painting to me.  From delicate watercolors to bold oils to uniquely rich tempera:  dyeing yarn allows me to bring color to life for you to knit.

amour silky caresse

Phydeaux yarn colors are inspired by the “Old World.”  Americans live in the “New World,” North America, “founded” (based on the historical perspective that you read) by explorers of Old World Europe.

I absolutely love history, folklore, mythology, anthropology, archaeology.  I love learning about the people and cultures from long ago.  So it makes sense (to me) that my creativity is sparked by bygone colors, art, architecture, clothing, jewelry, tapestries, etc.

I also love complex, richly detailed design … balanced by clean, modern, elegant lines.

As a kid, I devoured library books about costume design, the history of costume and fashion, and was fascinated by descriptions of the natural dyes used in Rome or the Dark Ages or the Renaissance (plant, animal and insect-based).  Although you won’t find animal or insect-based dyes in Phydeaux yarn, you will find many colors similar to what you might have found several hundred years ago, thanks to modern chemistry and chemical acid dyes.

Phydeaux Designs started as a small hand knit Etsy shop, quickly evolving into knitting patterns due to so many requests for the patterns of my knits.  And then evolved further into hand dyed yarn and fiber.

Phydeaux today is a one person enterprise (this will change in the coming year), dyeing yarn nearly every day while shipping orders to knitters and yarn shops around the world.  I love what I do and am humbled by every order.

All of this to say, if you also love yarn colourways that neither pool or stripe, inspired by the amazing colors of Old World Europe, with patterns that combine modern clean lines and Old World detail … you’ll love Phydeaux Designs.

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