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Old world elegance for modern knitters

{ phydeaux | no self respecting cat will answer to plain “fido” }

‘Twas a dark and stormy night (honest, bear with me) on a lonely highway many miles from home. My brother and dad stopped for a quick rest along the road and found a teeny tiny kitten, abandoned and alone.

His eyes weren’t even open yet – he was that young.

A trucker offered to do the kindness of ending his tiny life. My brother protectively tucked him into his coat. They fed the little kitten pinkie finger drops of milk all the way home.

When I saw that tiny ball of grey and white fuzz, I pounced and immediately claimed him my own.

And named him Phydeaux (“fido”).

Phydeaux was an awesome kitty, raised by hand. I adored Phydeaux, who grew into a sleek and handsome boy, but who left this world far too early.

I named him Phydeaux because I loved tranforming a simple, rustic name (fido) into one of old world elegance.

{ brenda }

I’m Brenda Lavell.  I’ve been creating (and raising kitties) since early childhood: drawing, painting, baking, cooking, writing, knitting, crocheting, other needle arts, you name it.

But I also loved science, and ultimately studied chemistry and biology and math while working in healthcare. Instead of going to medical school, I took a year break to work in a medical school, and never went back. 🙂

I worked in medical academia and/or healthcare for years, but when I wasn’t managing money, programs or people, I busily created.  And now I run Phydeaux fulltime – this is my day job and I couldn’t love going to work (across the hallway) more!

Phydeaux Designs was born out of my deep need to create, after several years of working more than fulltime while finishing my degree on nights and weekends. I started Phydeaux by selling accessories that I knit (that shop is still open: http://phydeaux.etsy.com). Little did I anticipate how this would change my life!

{ phydeaux designs }

I never, ever thought that one day, I would not only dye and sell yarn, but that I’d love it as much as I do. Or that I would be so passionate over making buttons. Or that I could make a business revolving around my life-long obsession with fiber and art.

But here I am.

Phydeaux grew out of my own desire and need for unique, artisanal, super high quality knitting supplies, from yarn to buttons to shawl pins to knitting and crochet patterns.

I love to create the perfect yarn / button / brooch / knitting patterns for you to enjoy. Rustic. Handcrafted. With an old world sensibility and elegance. I design and make everything myself (with some production help from my brother, Steve).

My two assistants, Fiona (quality control) and Mollie (customer service) aren’t true employees. In fact, to be fair, they are co-bosses, very demanding, paid in tuna, catnip and alternating turns purring in my lap.  See, still raising kitties.

{ you }

Phydeaux Designs doesn’t exist without you. Phydeaux exists for and because of you. I’d love to learn more about you and your own story – join me on Facebook or on my blog or just drop me a line.

Better yet, join my free mailing list for exclusive tips, tricks, discounts and you’ll even know about new products and programs before anyone else!