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Dyeing in the woods (dyeing yarn, that is)

This is my view from the back doors of the dye shop.

Pretty nifty, right?

Behind our property is nearly 10 acres of pretty wild, overgrown forest.

Which isn’t so nifty now that it’s summer – and fire season.

This weekend will mark three years of living in the woods, which is … awesome.

In the city, you live by your commute.  Traffic rules your life.

In the woods, the weather reports rule your life.  And fire season.

Fire season is a very real thing.  Our community was pretty much destroyed in a fire in 2008.  We still see the scars and burns, even in the woods behind us.

And with this year’s amazingly abundant Fall and Winter, we are surrounded by grasses, brush, trees … kindling.

So, everyone cuts and mows and rakes and discards and burns piles of branches and cut down trees (controlled burns).

We clear our 100 foot perimeter around our homes – at least as much as we can – to create our defensible space.

We firm up our evacuation plans, make sure the cat carriers and dog kennels are located, and that the photo albums and baby books are on one shelf for swift removal.

And then …

We continue our lives.

Which, for me, means dyeing yarn.  Teaching the dyeing of yarn.  Shipping yarn.  Taking care of dogs and a herd of cats.  Taking care of my dad.  🙂

And squeezing every second of joy from these long, long days of sunshine and warm breezes, before the days slowly become shorter and shorter, yet again.

I used to hate the summer heat and complained bitterly as the temperatures soared.

Now, maybe through my advanced wisdom gained from advanced years (haha), I just smile, try to enjoy, and remind myself that before we know it, I will be unhappy because the roads are icy and I’m too scared to drive the 45 minutes to town.  In which case, I’ll take the heat.  🙂

What are you most enjoying these last precious days of Spring, as we melt our way into Summer?

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