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Behind the scenes: shop updates

I haven’t had time to update my website/shop in … months!

Which seems really ridiculous to me, but it’s just how things are in my life, between dyeing, shipping, teaching, cooking, feeding (dad and a host of animals), cleaning (hahaaaa, okay, I should clean more), driving dad to medical appointments an hour or three hours away, blah blah blah, lather rinse repeat.  🙂

I also haven’t had a lot of excess yarn FOR a shop update, but realized this week that (a) while waiting for new yarn to arrive, (b) finishing up orders using the yarn that I have, and (c) dealing with our first heat wave of the year (not a great time to dye yarn anyway!) … it’s time for a shop update.

Shop updates aren’t quick and easy.

At least not for me – I’m sure other dyers are much smarter and more efficient with these things.

I added a lot of yarn to my website yesterday – yarn that I already had photos or “stock” photos of.

Today, I’m photographing more yarn.

I photo in bunches (minimum six photos/skein, of which I use one to two), then upload photos to my trusty PC laptop (where Photoshop resides), then flip through all those photos, deleting the out of focus or otherwise not great photos, then compare photo by photo each skein to choose the best photo per skein.

THEN, each of those winning photos goes into Photoshop:

  1. Trim the edges for the right “frame” of the skein in a rectangular landscape mode
  2. Is the color too cool?  Warm it up.  Too warm?  Cool it down.
  3. Adjust the brightness and contrast.
  4. Add 3 more points of brightness when it looks perfect (maybe 5 points if I’m adding it to Etsy) – many images seem to darken a bit after uploading.
  5. Adjust to 1000 pixels wide, save, return to original size.
  6. Crop to a square image (adjusting as needed).
  7. Adjust to 1000 pixels wide, save adding an “a” to the end of the previous image file name (which tells me that it’s the square image).

Now I’m ready to write up a description for each skein, including all the necessary details, upload the image(s), make sure that the weight is set correctly, preview before publishing to make sure it looks okay, add all the necessary tags and set up in the right collections (for my own website) (like “new” and “ready to ship yarn”).

And voila!  Done!

So, that takes around 20 minutes per skein, when you add it all up:  photos, editing, description, preview, posting, corrections, etc.  If I have 20 skeins to add, that’s not a big deal.  But … I have, easily, 200 skeins that have amassed during the last few months.


I have my podcasts on, cold drink continually refreshed, and I’m just working my way through each batch of skeins.  While doing all the other work that still needs to be done.  🙂

I’m sure there’s an easier way to do things and it might help if I wasn’t so particular about photo quality.

But I’m nearly always happy, or at least satisfied, with the results when I finish it all up.

Want to see the shop update?  There are several pages of new yarn already available and even more to come.  You can see the new skeins on the website now, by clicking HERE.


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