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Wow, I’m flabbergasted that I stopped blogging for so long, but … I did.

So, hello!  I’m slowly returning to the world after being seriously overwhelmed with business, life, and everything in between in the last few years.

Since Mom passed away, life has been a bit crazy.  My dad moved in with me.  Then we moved together to the mountains.  And added puppies to our family.  And more kitties.  While Phydeaux continued to grow exponentially, but without the infrastructure needed for solid growth.

I’m scaling back as I type, deciding what Phydeaux can do, and what we don’t need – or want – to do, moving forward.  I cancelled exhibiting at this summer’s tradeshow (TNNA) in Washington DC, in order to work on current yarn shop and retail orders, as well as focus on my family (dad, dogs, cats).

Phydeaux has been SO busy for so long.  Which is awesome, but also exhausting, when you’re a business of one plus some part time help.  I’m relearning to love knitting and dyeing and everything in between, which is amazing.  While taking actual time off during the week, which seems crazy (but I love – and need – that time off).

I love my life.

I love my business.

I love all of my wonderful, talented, amazing customers.

I love what I get to do every day.

And I need to also love ME.  I kinda forgot about doing that in the last year or two.  So that’s what I’m working on.  As should we all.

On the way to Phoenix #plflive2016

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So, things have changed a bit at Phydeaux HQ.  Instead of a few cats in our combined household, we now have four cats (!!!) and two horse-sized dogs.  And a feral cat colony.

They sure love their papa #bullador #bulladorsofinstagram #dukiedog #belladog

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Hard to imagine life without all these furries.  They sure make things … interesting.

This is Whitey- not the most creative name, but his tail ha a white tip, so it works. #feralcat #feralcats #tabby

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And there is still yarn.  And knitting.  Lots and lots of yarn and knitting.

Time to refill the online shop with ready to ship yarn … #phydeaux #handdyedyarn #knittersofinstagram #dyersofinstagram #yarn

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I have so much to share with you.  About life and animals and family, as well as yarn and knitting and business.  For now, here is our newest family member, Wiggie, formerly feral (she was the runt, very very tiny), not sold on being a pampered indoor princess yet. Definitely not sold on me yet (sob).  But we love her and aren’t giving up on her.  She just doesn’t know she loves us yet.

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