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Jimmy Beans 12 Days of Yarn-Mas

six geese a layin colourway for jimmy beans wool hand dyed by phydeaux

One day in October, I found an email from Leanne at Jimmy Beans Wool in my inbox.

I was pretty excited, as a HUGE Jimmy Beans fan (have you been to their warehouse in Reno?  WOW).

And even more excited to read my invitation to participate in their upcoming 12 days of yarn-mas:  an exclusive colourway a day from a yarn dyer they don’t currently carry.

Of course, I said “yes,” as fast as my fingers would type.

six geese jbw soie 2

My day was “six geese a layin.”

Oh good, I thought, I can come up with a goose-inspired colourway super quick.

Famous last words …

Come to find out, geese are kinda … white and black and grey and maybe amber/orange if they have that color of bill or feet!

six geese jbw soie 4

I dyed a LOT of new colourways, thinking about different angles:  my beloved Northern California geese (love hearing them honk overhead!), the goose who laid the golden egg, Mother Goose.

Then it hit me:  goose feathers.  Those gorgeous geese who visit the lake just down our hill are covered in iridescent, amazingly beautiful feathers.

Greys in all hues:  deepest charcoal to palest mist, with tiny subtle flecks of color.

In fact, six feather-lined nests in a row, for those six geese a layin’, lovingly blanketed in goose down and feathers, to protect those precious eggs.

And Six Geese a Layin was born.

Watch Jimmy Beans carolers sing The 12 Days of Yarn-mas (up to day six!) here.

And order your own skein of Six Geese a Layin’ right here (quick, before they sell out!)!

I’ll share some great complementary colourways later today!

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