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Phydeaux at TNNA

phydeaux soleil - airport knitting

The best part about traveling is the knitting.  Airports and plans mean uninterrupted knitting time, and that – for me – means actually finishing projects.

I wanted to have a finished Soleil Lace Shawlette in Phydeaux Caresse fingering before TNNA, but I’ll instead have a finished Soleil during TNNA (see my airport progress above!).

I think I might actually finish this tonight, in my hotel room and I’m hoping a steam block via hotel iron will be sufficient for blocking …

phydeaux booth at tnna

Walking into a double booth was incredible enough (SO much space!), but one with boxes already waiting for me was even better.  This is my favorite part of move in:  so many possibilities!

phydeaux booth at tnna

Unpacking becomes a little less fun with each box …

phydeaux booth at tnna

My neighbors began teasing me for how many times I completely changed up the booth …

phydeaux booth at tnna

But it finally clicked.  And it was time for the show to open, which makes finishing things up necessary.

I’m having a great time talking with current, potential and new yarn shops, along with designers and teachers and tech editors and publishers.

I most enjoy talking with yarn shop owners, learning more about what their customers – perhaps you! – look for and most enjoy.

I’m in booth 949 – hope you drop by and introduce yourself!  Or you can check to see if your own favorite yarn shop carries – or is going to carry – Phydeaux yarn.  And if not, drop me a line to let me know more about your favorite yarn shop!

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  • Angelia May 9, 2014, 12:52 PM

    Did you set that booth up yourself? And, how long did it take you?? I’ve worked several show-type events (with skin care products, not yarn), so I’m intrigued by these things.

    I also want to let you know that I have a Yarnbox subscription & that’s how I learned of your company/yarn. I made a cowl out of the yarn I received. I love that yarn! It’s so soft, but sturdy. And my colorway (I believe it’s Stormy, maybe, I don’t have the ball band with me right now) is so pretty! Thank you!

    • brenda July 16, 2014, 6:27 PM

      Angela, I did set up with a friend, took one full day, then another morning (rearranging!). 🙂 So glad you like your yarn!

  • Simpson Bracket November 12, 2014, 10:21 AM

    Yes! Finally someone writes about Angle Bracket.

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