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stitches west, here we go!


Just a few weeks ago, I decided out of the blue that Phydeaux needs to be at Stitches West this year.

So I grabbed up the very last booth (sharing with Adrienne from Wool Candy!).

Finished up the HUGE order I’d been immersed in for weeks (which took two more weeks of solid work).

Dyed some yarn, along with drying, skeining, labelling.  Packed it all up to ship to Santa Clara (we were up until the wee hours of this morning doing so).

Loaded up the car, hoped I wasn’t missing anything crucial from my checklists, and drove on down (4.5 hours in the car!).

Boy, am I tired.

But SO worth it.

LOTS of yarn, particularly given the insanely short timeline I had.

So looking forward to seeing my Bay Area fellow knitters again.

And about to crawl into my super comfie bed in Saratoga, near where I used to live (which feels weird:  like returning home, even though home – with my kitties – is 45 hours away).

Booth 1041 – please stop by and introduce yourself!  Can’t wait to meet you  Or see you again!

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