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by brenda

phydeaux caresse worsted weight in midnight phydeaux’s caresse worsted in midnight

When I took my two big boxes of yarn samples to the TNNA summer show last year, I met Mike from Yarnbox.

I’d heard a little bit about Yarnbox, but was always a little suspicious of these subscription sort of business models.  I was intrigued, then challenged (by the sheer volume of yarn that would be needed), and knew I wanted to be a part of this.

And so.  Phydeaux’s Caresse Worsted Weight is part of February’s Yarnbox shipment (one of two independent hand dyers).  We (my dad, myself, and several brave souls – including Amanda, Rijel and Stephanie – who were both invaluable and wonderful in their skeining assistance) dyed, dried, skeined and labelled … 1,700 skeins of yarn this Autumn and Winter.


That’s kind of a lot.  But it changed Phydeaux – in a good way – irrevocably.

New process and systems increased dyeing capacity up to 200 a day.  We can now dry nearly 200 skeins at a time.  These are significant increases for us, successfully put to the test in less than a week of preparation Stitches West.

Yarnbox subscribers have, or are about to, receive their packages.  If your package included Phydeaux, I really hope you love your yarn.  We loved dyeing, drying, skeining and labelling it for you.

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