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thankful for november

november leaves

I used to hate November.  October was my favorite month – November was just cold and grey and … bleah.

This year, midway through November, I suddenly realized how much I love November.


October is gorgeous.  Full of promise, as leaves change color, air takes on that bit of chilly nip, and apples and pumpkins abound.

But November.  November is … the essential first step in rebirth.  The last preparations for a long winter’s sleep.  The beginning of the annual cycle of healing, growth, life.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am beyond grateful for so so many things and people.  It’s also our first Thanksgiving with Mom, and while it will be a little tough, we’ve chosen to spend the day in gratitude for the many years we had with such an amazing lady.  That said, Thanksgiving is a whole lot about tradition, and I can no longer ask Mom for her secret recipes (not all of which are written down, darn it) or her desired menu or where that particular serving tray or turkey knife are.

So we’ll make new traditions.  And enjoy our time together.  And share our memories and appreciation.  And eat very, very well.

November is my new favorite month, as I, too, prepare for healing, growth and life as we make our way through the holidays and winter.  May November be the same for you!

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