How to find your target market

by brenda

If you sell anything online or in person – or dream about doing so – you’ve probably heard a lot about “marketing” and “target market” and “niche market.”

And if you sell on, you probably really wish you knew who your target market is!

If you’d like to learn how to find your target market, I wrote an article for Etsy last week about how to do just that.

With a worksheet!

But based on the questions I’ve answered since, I want to go indepth.  And thought the best way to do that is via a PDF download.

Which isn’t ready yet.

If you’d like to learn a little more about finding your target market, particularly about email marketing/developing an email list, please sign up for the PDF using the link below (which will add your email to my “Biz Knits” mailing list – how to knit a successful business).  I’ll email the download link to you as soon as the PDF is ready.

Sign up here for the PDF

Hope you read and enjoy the article – share your own experience or questions in the comments below!

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