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the bittersweet part of moving

It started hitting me yesterday:  I’m moving.

I know, I know.  It’s all you’ve heard about when all you want is the pretty yarn (oh, me too).

Yesterday, I slowed down long enough to start getting sad.  My kitties have spent most of there lives here.  My business was born here.  It is so so beautiful here.  I’ll really miss my birds and squirrels and other critters (the dogs next door … not so much).

I’m also going to miss the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’ve lived her for close to half of my life, which is just amazing.  I’m leaving behind wonderful memories and incredible friends.

As well as bearable weather (it’s been >100 F for the last week where I’m moving to, yikes)

Today was difficult, because I hit the section of my house filled with memories:  photos, old journals, all of my books, old art projects.  Everything brought a memory, some happy, some super sad.

As much as I love change and as much as I’m looking forward to this move being over, going through ALL of your belongings does force a look back through memory lane.  As ruthless as I was trying to be about shedding possessions, some were just too dear to part with, even as I realize there is no practical value to the space that they’ll take.

That said, I’ve gotten rid of a LOT and have a lot more to donate/trash/close my eyes as I continue my ruthlessness.

What are your secrets to shedding possessions?  I need more motivation!

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