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don’t forget your priorities when moving

Molly is not amused.  OK, this is an old photo, but this is the expression she’s been showing me today.  When she’s not sleeping that is.

My family moved a lot (a LOT) when I was a kid.  You know what I remember about each move?  Just about … nothing.

That is the sign of a successful move, in my book.  My mom’s strategy was to move pets and kids with toys and other distractions, setting up bedrooms for kids and bathroom for the pets first.  And it worked, because I remember very little about the more than 10 times that we moved by the time I was in high school.

Well, I don’t have little kids, but I do have my two little kitties.  And they’re my top priority in this move.  I’m moving my home, kitties and business … but the kitties are number one priority.  It’s one thing to move across town.  And another to move three hours away.  That’s three hours in a car with two scared cats possessing between them 40 claws.  Oy.

In all of my planning and strategizing (largely consisting of GET RID OF STUFF), my number one strategy is how to move Molly and Fiona.  They will be in the car with me, NOT in the moving truck.  With a super big and comfie kitty carrier, kibbles and fresh water.  As well as towels in case of motion sickness.  I’ll have what I need to set them up in the new bathroom (box + litter, fresh food, their favorite blankets that smell like home), then that bathroom door will remain closed until things are fully unloaded, movers gone, doors and windows shut, and the bed set up with their favorite down comforter.  And a closet floor lined with familiar smelling blankets, for premium hiding.

I’m looking forward to the move being over with (isn’t that true when you move?) – this is the exhausting part, the continual sifting through everything you own and making ruthless decisions about what to keep and what to part with.  Keeping my eyes on the prize (being in the same town as my parents and making this move as stress free as possible for my kitties) is key, though.

What pet-moving  strategies do you recommend??

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  • Lynn/UnaOdd August 8, 2012, 11:23 AM

    Oh, poor Molly! The look says it all. Beautiful kitty!
    I wish I had tips, mine are miserable yowling wretches for the 15 minute annual vet trip. I cannot imagine 3 hours! It sounds like you’ve got good plans in motion. I wish you all a safe and uneventful journey, and a quick recovery and settle-in. XO Lynn, Kaida and Kanye

  • Mildred August 8, 2012, 5:52 PM

    Have some soft treats on hand. When you make a stop feed a few through the carrier. Let them sniff your hand. Mine have a singing contest to & from the vet. I carried some soft treat to distract them. I call Callisto & Piper my children with fur!

  • Sue K August 9, 2012, 7:40 AM

    Sounds like you have all things covered. It is extremely important for cats. They can be stressed so much more than dogs and I found out when I moved to another apartment 7 years ago. I did not keep them in a room away from the movers and I realized that now. I did set up my bed, etc, but my poor Mickey is my scardey cat and he was so stressed I had to take him to the vet 2 times for IV’s so he wouldn’t become dehydrated. When I look back, I should have had them in a room alone, but I really didn’t have that where I live now. You are smart to keep them in the bathroom with their litter box and food and water, away from all the commotion, etc.
    Good luck!!

  • brenda August 9, 2012, 3:53 PM

    I love the suggestions, Mildred and Sue! And commiseration, Lynn!

    OH my gosh, Sue, poor Mickey! I am ALL about the cats when I move, because the one thing I really remember from all of our moves was one of our cats disappearing soon after moving. 🙁 That would be worst possible outcome for me. The thought of one of my babies, lost or hurt (or worse) a couple of hundred miles from what they know as home …

    OK, happy thoughts. 🙂

  • Louisa Harris August 12, 2012, 7:43 PM

    Hi Brenda!
    Just returned from vacation! I know about stressed kitties!! Mine, ‘Artful Dodger” is my scaredy cat he doesn’t like anybody but my husband and myself. When the doorbell rings, he runs and hides!! Going to the vet, which we have to do tomorrow, is a trauma for him. He yowls the 15 min. trip over there and back! We have a neighbor take care of him in our home when we are on vacation, it would be a nightmare to take him somewhere! You have thought things through for your two fuzzy babies. The bathroom idea is the best. I wouldn’t want my furry friend to get out and run away!! They reallhy are family for us!! Good luck moving and settling in! I look forward to ordering from you!!
    Thank you for all your neat yarns and patterns!!

  • brenda August 13, 2012, 12:23 PM

    Thank you, Louisa! I had a kitty like your Artful Dodger – the vet was the absolutely worst, poor baby! 🙂

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