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why you shouldn’t drop your computer

Well, yes, of course, YOU know better than to drop your computer.  Anyone does, right?  But the word “accident” comes into play here.

To be fair, I didn’t drop my computer.  It dropped itself.  My powerbook slipped off my bed all by itself last month.  (It’s not the first time it’s taken a tumble, I hate to admit to you.)  But this ended up being a bit serious.

I couldn’t get it to do anything when I opened it up.

And when I rebooted, it wouldn’t boot up.


So, a few days at the local apple store to replace the hard drive, and all of my files were (supposedly) saved.

Except that they weren’t.

It took me weeks (WEEKS) to get Photoshop to work.  I had to reinstall MS Office, but they didn’t have my version to download, so I had to install a trial of the new version (which just expired, as I was finishing a new pattern, ARGH).

It also took me WEEKS to get iPhoto working.  This was a total disaster of the worst kind for someone who takes photos of things like yarn and buttons to sell online.

But, yay, everything was working.  (Notice the emphasis on was…)

And now everything is not and I’ve lost many of my photos.

Soooo.  Bear with me as I continue to work out the bugs.  I will be back one of these days soon!

And in the meantime, I’ll distract you with photos of pretty yarn that is in my shop as of this weekend (before the latest and greatest iPhoto crash).  🙂

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  • Kepanie May 30, 2012, 9:28 AM

    Oh ouchie! Maybe you should invest in a case to protect it? I have an iPhone and have a flexible SPECK case b/c I know I’ll drop it once in a while which has happened.

  • brenda May 30, 2012, 7:47 PM

    I will definitely look into that , Stef!

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