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knitting patterns for handspun yarn

I’m often asked for knitting and crochet patterns for handspun yarn, and always think, “someday, I will get to that!”

And realized this week that I do have patterns for handspun yarn.

Soft Acorns (above) is absolutely perfect for handspun yarn.  In fact, the yarn in the photo was handspun by Bobbi at Kitty Grrlz:  single ply, merino wool/silk, delicious.  Hand knit with a simple lace design that you could knit over and over with different weights, fibers and colorways.

Then I have two crochet patterns that are also perfect for single ply handspun: Dentelle (below) and Couronne (above).  And, again, the photos are shown in Kitty Grrlz single ply (she does good work!).

But maybe you’re looking for a pattern for super bulky thick and thin hand spun? Here you go!  Super simple and a fun, quick knit.

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  • Beth Schoenleber June 23, 2012, 6:31 AM

    Thanks for sending me your info….I am very impressed.
    I like to crochet more than knit. I also sew lots for my daughter.
    I’ll be looking at your buttons.
    I love the pictures on pinerest. The skeins are so beautiful!

  • brenda June 24, 2012, 2:56 PM

    Thank you Beth!

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