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free! the woodland shawlette knitting pattern

So as I was madly dyeing yarn for Stitches West, I was also working on a knitting design for Classic Elite Yarns’s weekly Web-Letter.

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I knew I wanted something rustic (big surprise, I know!). Something in a warm, rich color, but a little lighter in hue than Autumn or Winter. And my favorite: a nice texture-filled smaller shawl, the perfect transition piece from icy Winter to balmier Spring with its chilly mornings and evenings.

I have a whole new appreciation for staying snuggly warm now that I work in San Francisco.

And so, the Woodland Shawlette was born. I’d been wanting to use the stitch pattern in the body for months, so the timing was perfect. I tried several different edgings and in the end, only garter stitch would do.

The best part about a garter stitch edge? You can make the edge as deep as you want. Want a larger shawl? Keep knitting! Want a smaller one for a special little girl? Knit less!

You can download the Woodland Shawl knitting pattern on Classic Elite Yarn’s Web-Letter site. I highly recommend using their Woodland wool/nettles blend yarn (yes, you read that right: nettles!), which has incredible stitch definition, and an elegant sheen adding to it’s beautifully rustic single ply texture.

And p.s., I’m working on yet another secret project.  Stay tuned!  🙂

Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

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  • Sharon Hanson March 28, 2012, 11:18 AM

    I love the great color you choose for this shawlette and I like the garter stitch edging. What a long commute you have now that you’re working in the city! In addition to NPR, you could try some books on tape.

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