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Is your thick and thin handspun “soft as a baby’s butt?”

When you’re planning a knitting project using handspun thick and thin yarn (or ANY yarn, for that matter), you need to think about who’s going to wear your finished knit and how it will be worn.

I don’t think you even need to have changed a baby’s diaper to know that a baby’s hind end is covered with super soft and delicate skin.

“Soft as a baby’s butt” and all that.

And thinking of your knitting project in comparison to that baby’s super soft skin may be helpful.  🙂

If you’re knitting a scarf, which may wrap around a bare neck, you want super soft and non-itchy fiber.

If you’re knitting golf club covers, you want hardy and durable fiber that won’t easily pill or shred.

Merino wool is often the SOFTEST possible wool fiber.  Merino wool plus silk is even softer … and more delicate.  I love knitting well spun handspun thick and thin merino wool/silk yarn.  Love.  I also love knitting a soft as butter well spun merino wool.

Blue faced Leicester (often referred to as “BFL”) is also super soft.  You can soften it up even more with silk or bamboo … or both!

Don’t forget that you can almost always see the yarn’s softness in the photos.  Hard, crunchy yarn (oh yes, I have plenty of this kind of yarn!) doesn’t look soft and inviting in the photos.  (But if you end up with hard or crunch yarn, add a couple of strands of a mohair/silk blend yarn, like Rowan Kid Silk or Kid Haze – doing so really, really helps.)

What’s your favorite “soft as a baby’s butt” fiber? 

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p.s., an addendum to the previous post in this series!  I hope I didn’t give the impression that ALL handspun thick and thin yarn breaks, because it doesn’t.  For instance, although I highlighted Naomi’s beautiful handspun, in the photos, please don’t think that her handspuns break on me.  I can’t remember that happening to me with Knotty Naomi’s handspuns in the nearly four years that I’ve been knitting them up.

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