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More new buttons on the way

By the end of the holiday weekend, I will have finished painting, curing, sanding, buffing, polishing and glazing more than 100 pairs of buttons.


I’m excited about several brand new designs, including the sea shell buttons that you can see above (pre-sanding on the left, post sanding on the right).  (I really love these!)

Why so many buttons?  Great question!  I have had two bowls filled with buttons waiting to be finished.  I’ve also had a goal to move from a “made on order” to a “ready made” model for the buttons. By catching up with the backlog of unfinished buttons, I’ll be able to schedule button updates every two weeks.


Which will let me schedule yarn updates on alternating weeks.

What the what?!?

Yep, you heard me right.


More on that soon …

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