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Yarn pick: Skein Yarns

It’s no secret that I am totally and completely in love with indie dyed and/or spun yarn.  And I’ve been totally upfront with you about my passion for yarns that neither stripe nor pool colors.

Skein Yarns’ fulfills both of my true loves, while delivering stunning photos and gorgeous colorways!

I’m working on a new lace shawl design using Kristen’s lovely hand dyed yarn, which I can’t wait to share with you.  The colorway above is part of her latest update – isn’t it lovely?  So soft and ethereal.  (To see the details, just click on the photo.)

Kristen updates her Etsy shop every couple to few weeks.  You can join her mailing list via her blog in order to be notified of upcoming updates, which I highly recommend doing.  She sells out quickly!

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