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how to store your knits

Sneaking a peek

There comes a time when you need to store your cold weather knits, usually in late Spring as the weather warms up. This year’s abnormal weather means that you may be read to store your knits right about now (early June!)!

I’ve detailed for you how to care for your hand knits (cleaning and storage) under the “care” page on this blog! I’ve previously detailed for you how to take your knits out of storage.. Below (also on the “care” page) is how to store your knits.

Storing your hand knit/crocheted accessory.

  • Guess who loves your hand knits even more than you?  Yes, indeed, critters.  Particularly toothsome moths.  Here are a few tips that can help prevent heartbreak.
  • First, be sure to properly store your knits each year.  Some knits are perfect for year-round wear. For those that are definitely for colder weather, you must clean your knits before storing.  Cleaning your knits removes debris (finger and skin oils, skin cells, lint, etc.) from your accessory.  Critters love to eat that debris. The cleaner your garment or accessory is before going into storage, the better chance you have against critters.
  • Please don’t store your knits with chemical critter deterrents, like moth balls! The chemicals may react with your knits, yellowing or felting or otherwise adversely affecting the fiber.
  • Instead, use natural deterrents, like lavender buds or cedar blocks and chips.  An organza bag filled with lavender with cedar chips will not only do a great job scaring away critters, but will also leave your knits smelling wonderful.
  • After cleaning your knits, thoroughly dry them, then wrap in acid free tissue paper.  You can layer your tissue wrapped knits with little sachets or bags of lavender and cedar.
  • If you store in a bin, make sure it’s breathable (that air can flow freely in and out).  Sealing up wool or other animal fibers in non-breathable plastic bins or bags will very likely result in yellowed and even felted knits.

What tips do you have for storing your knits? What else can I share with you about cleaning and storage?

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