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A new shawl design, part II

New shawl - doesn't even have a name yet!

Back to the new shawl design, I shared with you last week how this took me more than a year to design.

I wanted the lace stitch pattern I used with my Dappled Lace Neckwarmer to radiate symmetrically from the center stitch down the spine of the shawl.

I finally realized, after countless swatches (and, confession, I really don’t like swatching!), followed by a more than six month break during Phydeaux’s busy Fall and holiday season, that the only way to accomplish this would be to mirror the stitch pattern.

To write the pattern in reverse.

The thought of which made me a little woozy, so I continued to fruitlessly swatch.  🙂

And guess what?  When I just sat down and charted it out in reverse, then knit that first (and only!) swatch … yep, that was the solution.

You can see up top how it works perfectly.  Best of all, it’s just a six row repeat, so very very easily memorized.

The real challenge was selecting the lace edging … until next time!

For a chance at winning the pattern for this shawl – free – suggest a name over on Facebook!

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