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Sneak peek: new buttons

After losing too many buttons in last week’s debacle, I am so happy to share this week’s batch of buttons, nearly all of which use new designs, materials and/or techniques.

The pair above is my absolute favorite.  The coloring is so delicate and so reminiscent of watercolors.  I just love pinks and oranges together, so fuchsias and salmons?  Love.

These may look a little different.  If so, that’s great!  These are part of a new line I’ve been working on, “faux porcelain.”  I wanted the look and feel of porcelain with its lovely glazes and depth, but more lightweight and not as fragile (I break everything, you know!).

These are SUPER lightweight – they even float in water – so could work beautifully with laceweight knits.

I’ll show you more tomorrow, but for now, you can see the new buttons in my Etsy shop!

And in the meantime, what colors are you hoping for, with Spring on its way (right? doesn’t it have to be?) and Summer not far behind?

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