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Brand new buttons … and in memory of those who didn’t make it

sadness - the ones who didn't make it

I’ve been working on new techniques and designs for buttons.  I’m so excited about several that really really worked out well!  And so bummed about the entire batch that I destroyed last weekend.

Can you destroy polymer clay in the oven?

Yes.  { sadness }

The photos here are the ones who didn’t survive.  Well, two pairs survived enough that they may become earrings.  We’ll see how that works out.

sadness - the ones who didn't make it

How cute are those stars?  I’ll try to make more with the next batch.

I do have an entire batch of brand new buttons, including several using brand new (for me) techniques, in various stages of progress as I type.

And I’ll have them in my shop tomorrow afternoon/evening.  Think faux wood, faux porcelain, faux lapis lazuli, a couple of new shapes (no stars this time, sorry!) and restocking a few favorites.

And from this batch will also be some new earrings!

Hope you’re having a great weekend – it is so cold and grey today, I keep thinking it’s March.  A good day for knitting.  🙂

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