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Knitting lace can be as easy … or complicated … as you want to make it

I love knitted lace. I first saw knitted lace back in the 80’s, in my early 20’s, and I nearly fell over. I had been crocheting lace for a few years, but was clueless about the knitted lace (this was before knitting became uber cool)!

Reading a pattern, though, proved to be too much for my basic knitting skills at the time. You might remember that reading patterns has always been a challenge, though I’m more comfortable with them now that I write patterns!

Make 1? Decrease 1? There wasn’t an internet to refer to and the limited knitting books I checked out from the library weren’t very helpful.

And here I am 20 years or so later, loving the lace.

Here’s what helped me and may help you if you’re intimidated by lace:

Lace is very simple. Yarn overs. Knit or purl togethers. Increases and decreases. That’s it.

Lace can be super simple (yo, k2tog, lather, rinse, repeat). “True lace” has lace stitches on both sides of the fabric, right and wrong side, making things a wee bit more complex. “Complex” lace is in the eyes of the beholder. The simplest lace stitch pattern was once too complex for me to knit. Stitch patterns that I couldn’t figure out a few years ago are laces that are fairly quick knits for me now.

And if I can learn to knit lace, anyone can!

What about you? Are you a wee bit intimidated by lace? Haven’t tried it yet? Love knitting lace? Share your experience – and insights – in the comments!

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  • andrea March 18, 2011, 3:01 AM

    I love it too~
    The internet helps a lot for learning knitting techniques. Good knitting books at the library are few and far between unfortunately.

  • Kepanie March 18, 2011, 10:43 AM

    I thought lace was super hard but I find it awesome, although I’ve only done patterns with YOs on the right side. I also find I have to concentrate and not watch TV. In addition, I have to count my stitches each RS row.

  • brenda March 19, 2011, 2:13 PM

    Andrea, I’ve lucked out with my local library – the problem is that the books are always checked out and the waiting list is looong!

    Stefanie, GOOD point about not watching TV – I’ve reknit an entire project’s worth of yarn over and over thanks to being caught up in TV and not paying attention to my lace!

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