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I gave up sugar nine weeks ago … still sugar free!

If anyone told me last year that I could last a day, let alone nine weeks, without eating sugar every single day, I would have laughed.  Hysterically.

I was so so so addicted to sugar.

But I gave up sugar during the first week of January, cold turkey, and am still sugar free nine weeks later.

Has it been worth it?


  1. I’ve lost one dress size without a lot of extra effort (other than walking a few days a week, for 20 minutes).
  2. I no longer experience debilitating headaches and migraines.  If I eat something by accident that has a wee bit of sugar, my head tells me almost immediately with niggling to strong pain.
  3. I’m sleeping SO much better.
  4. My hair is much, much healthier.  Seriously!
  5. My average blood sugar is MUCH lower, though not yet at a level that doesn’t require monitoring and diabetes medication.
  6. I have more energy and stamina.
  7. I’m less cranky.  Slightly.  Okay, a little bit less.  Let’s not get crazy here, after all.  🙂

It’s much easier to live without sugar if I’m eating very healthy:  lean protein, lots of dark green leafy veggies, veggies in many colors (all those antioxidants), whole grains, lots of water.  I do treat myself most evenings to a no sugar added treat, like fudgesicles or Breyer ice cream (french vanilla!) with slice strawberries and walnut pieces on top.  I’m finding most of my snacking is related to stress or boredom.

Boredom!  When do I have time to be bored?

I mean boredom with whatever I’m doing, like … taxes (ick) or struggling with the 10th rewrite of a pattern.  I haven’t had downtime to be truly bored in … forever.

(But I’d like to try that, just for a day!)

My true love when it comes to sugar is chocolate.  So when I’m really craving chocolate, I will take a spoonful of chunky, natural peanut butter (no sugar added!) and sprinkle with mini semisweet chocolate chips.  I may have mentioned this before.  It’s a GREAT way to get some protein (fills you up and lasts!), get that chocolate fix (we’re talking 10 or 15 mini chips – semi sweet chocolate doesn’t have as much sugar as milk chocolate chips), and is yummy to boot.

Now that I’ve made it to nine weeks, I’m preparing to relax my strict NO SUGAR rules a wee bit.  Not going crazy, but just allowing tiny bits now and then without fearing the end of the Universe as a result.

Have you reduced or eliminated sugar or sweets from your own diet?  If so, tips, tricks, results to share with the rest of us?

{ image source – best cookies on the planet! }

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