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How to learn to create your own blog/website … the easy way

Recently, I shared with you why I moved my blog from my former free blogger platform to my new self-hosted site.

I don’t regret it for one single second.

In fact, I knew this was something that I absolutely had to do, but didn’t possess the skills to figure out how.

Notice that I didn’t say “the skills to do it.” Instead, I didn’t even know HOW to figure out HOW to do it. (I was more than a little frustrated, in case you can’t tell…)

One thing I knew for certain … the very second that Tara Gentile announced a WordPress course, I was going to be the first to sign up.  And if I wasn’t first, I was second or third in her inaugural class last Fall.

Why was this so important to me?

  1. WordPress is recognized by bloggers extraordinaire as “the” platform of choice for serious blogging.  (Don’t believe me?  Check out Problogger, Copyblogger, and The Launch Coach, just to name a few.)
  2. But not the free WordPress.  You want the self hosted WordPress.  What does that mean?  Just that you install your blog and site on your own domain and hosting plan.  Not sure what those mean?  Stay tuned – I’ll tell you more super soon.
  3. Owning your own domain is definitely a step in the right direction, but setting up your blog on your own domain, rather than pointing your domain or a subdomain to your freebie blog, is crucial.
  4. Because … your free blog service could disappear tomorrow.  If you instead use a good, reliable domain hosting service (I use Hostgator [affliate] and love it), rather than relying on free services, you are in control of your domain (literally).
  5. And if there is one person in the Handmade community who is gifted at teaching, storytelling, web design, hand coding, blogging, and whose passion it is to pass on those skills to you … it’s Tara Gentile.  (Of course there are many others, as well, but my experience is with Tara!)

I knew I needed my own website, but couldn’t afford a web designer and didn’t know how to even start figuring out how to do it myself (and trust me, I wasted countless hours trying).

I needed to learn the basic language.

I knew basic HTML (hypertext markup language), but was 1000% clueless about CSS (cascading styling sheets).  I got a little woozy whenever someone patiently tried to explain the (to them) super easy and patently obvious basics of domain hosting.

In the very first session of Tara’s course, I started to (finally!!!) get it.

I’m still learning, still tweaking, but here’s my bottom line:  I would have paid much more than I did to learn how to create a WordPress blog and site from Tara, because doing so saved me SO much time, energy and money.  What could have taken me a full year to do really, very badly, took me a few months to do (not so really, very badly).

I could not have created my new blog and site without Tara’s Website Kick Start course (affiliate).

She’s opening registration TODAY for the upcoming class and I cannot recommend this more highly – it will sell out quick!

And if you have questions about my move to WordPress, any of the terminology here that you don’t understand yourself (but you will … you will), or this course, let me know in the comments or send me a private question.

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