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Shopping for super bulky yarn

Now that you know a little something about choosing yarn for your super bulky knitting projects, and knitting with size 17 and 19 needles without as much pain, what about how to actually shop for actual super bulky yarn?

There are about eleventy billion sorts of super bulky yarns available.  Not all are truly super bulky (about as wide as your ring finger).  My own knitting patterns using super bulky yarn require true super bulky weight yarn, with about 2-2.5 wpi (wraps per inch).

Most local yarn shops are organized by yarn weight, but if not, just ask one of the staff for a little help.  You can search most online yarn shops by weight.  For instance, here are the super bulky yarns currently available at WEBS.

Super bulky yarn comes in all shapes and sizes:  single ply (roving), multi-ply, ribbon, handspun, hand dyed, novelty, etc.  The type of yarn you want to use is determined by your pattern, how you’ll use your knitted item, care, color, and maybe a few other things (e.g., vegan).

If you’re knitting or crocheting a rug, you probably want sturdy yarn that you can machine wash and dry.  An acrylic blend super bulky yarn is likely best for you.

If you’re knitting a cowl, you could use a wool/acrylic blend (e.g., Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick) or a super soft and luxurious merino wool (e.g., Twinkle Soft Chunky) or a super soft and luxurious merino wool/alpaca blend (e.g., my personal favorite, Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky Alpaca).

Or if you’re searching for a particular color (say … hot pink), you might find that color in just one or two yarn choices.

Even if you don’t have a wide selection of yarn choices within driving distance, you have a nearly infinite selection via the web!  Just search for “super bulky yarn” to see what I mean (374,000 results as of this moment!).

Let me know what questions I haven’t answered so far about knitting with super bulky yarn – just leave your questions in the comments!

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