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After a super busy holiday season (yay and thank you to all of my wonderful customers!), I’ve needed to just “chill” a little during the last week (which was also incredibly busy) and recharge my batteries.  I”m about 95% charged and thanks to the three day weekend, hope to be up to speed for the coming week.

I think any small/micro business owner feels similarly after their busiest season (holidays, weddings, etc.). The deadlines are met, the adrenaline levels fall, and we realize just how much cleaning the house needs, how much attention the cats need or how we just need to actually take care of ourselves!

Actually, we ALL feel like this, to some degree, post holidays, start of a new year, ready to start anew.

I’ve also caught up on almost all of my  healthcare appointments and tests and have newly refilled prescriptions (I will never take medical benefits for granted again), all of which has kept me very preoccupied for the last two weeks.

I don’t have all results back yet, but am thrilled to share that my autoimmune disease appears to be in remission for the first time since I first exhibited symptoms more than 20 years ago!

But, on the flip side, I now have to seriously and closely manage the blasted diabetes (seriously…).  As I pick up or create new healthy, non-sugar, high fiber recipes, I’ll share them with you.

On the positive side (can you tell I’m a Gemini, despite this newfangled change of the zodiac system?), I’m now walking every evening, drinking tons of water, eating better than I have in eons, and haven’t eaten sugar in over a week.  These can only be seen as good things and – as a plus – I’m no longer even craving the sugar.

My house is much cleaner.  I’m taking care of myself.  My kitties are getting more attention than ever. My day job is great.  I’m full of new ideas again.  I have a metric ton of wee little hearts in the works for the shop.  I’m looking forward to spending time with friends this weekend.  I actually pulled out the Wii and played Legend of Zelda this week (Ocarina of Time!!!).  Recharging is good.

How about you?  How do you recharge?

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