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Five things you might not know about me but can probably guess anyway

Five things that you were dying to know about me … or not.

  1. I’ve never ever watched The Hills or Laguna Beach (which I was reminded of while looking at the newest Netflix instant watch offerings).  (p.s., I’m not going to start now.)
  2. Apparently, I’m a little bit scared of lizards inside my home (that one was a surprise to me, as well).
  3. The lack of a backspace button on my mac keyboard is driving me absolutely insane (hard to break ~20 years of finger/muscle memory from the PC keyboard!).
  4. I never tire of watching Amelie. Magic.  (Or Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain – a much improved title!) At least I don’t think I do. I’ve watched it five times in the last week and a half (Starz! Which also means Netflix instant watch!). I may or may not prove myself wrong with subsequent viewings.
  5. I absolutely never tire of listening to the soundtrack from Amelie. I’ve listened to it for ~ nine years, replacing my worn out CD with MP3 (what did we do before ipods?). Le sigh.

Hope you all have great weeks – hard to believe we’re already approach June’s halfway point!

(p.s., I’m watching Amelie as I type … which you probably guessed.)

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