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Elizabeth Zimmermann knitting workshop video

If you’re semi serious to serious about knitting, you need to read and watch Elizabeth Zimmermann.  She is credited with modernizing knitting, with many books, patterns and instructional videos (via public broadcasting) to show for it.

Via my public library, I was able to watch one of her DVD’s (The Knitting Workshop).  How fantastic to soak in some of her knowledge and expertise while knitting away on my first triangle scarf / shawlette / kerchief design.

Although Ms. Zimmermann passed away in 1999, she is often quoted, featured and cited in knitting literature and websites.  Many modern designers are very much influenced by her!  You may also be influenced without even realizing it.

Definitely a worthwhile watch and I’m looking forward to watching a lace workshop DVD from her daughter (and also renowned knitting designer), Meg Swansen, this weekend!

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