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Coming attractions for Phydeaux Designs

I’m working on some complicated (for me) designs right now.  I have big time failed with a LOT of designs this Spring, none of which have seen the light of day past my living room.  Some of the new designs – which are working out nicely so far (because I evolved even during this Spring time designing phase) – will be submitted for publication.  If accepted, you’ll see them in a magazine or a book later this year or next year.  If not accepted, you’ll see the patterns in my own shops.

And I’m working on new designs for Autumn/the holidays/Winter!
More bulky fiber hand knits, but I’m phasing out the wool blend (e.g., Lion Brand) knits in order to focus on deliciously soft and squishy wool and wool/alpaca fiber (e.g., Twinkle Chunky and Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky).
Finally, finally, finally … shawls and shawlettes and kerchiefs.  Which I adore, but needed a few more skillz to design.  
Gloves!  Not just fingerless mittens, but real live gloves … with fingers!
And, if the planets align correctly for me … socks.  Sock patterns, more precisely.
You’ll see more fun things for the Summer, now that I have my newish computer working for photo editing.
Photos to follow shortly!  I’m in the midst of internet connection woes that I hope to have resolved by early next week.

In the meantime, have a GREAT weekend!

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